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They are referred to as "optimized executables" and have been found to run faster on systems specific for that CPU. As of [update] , most of these applications are optimized for Intel processors and their corresponding instruction sets. The results of the data processing are normally automatically transmitted when the computer is next connected to the Internet; it can also be instructed to connect to the Internet as needed.

The original intent of SETI home was to utilize 50,, home computers. It was acknowledged by the edition of the Guinness World Records as the largest computation in history. There were plans to get data from the Parkes Observatory in Australia to analyze the southern hemisphere.

Other plans include a Multi-Beam Data Recorder, a Near Time Persistency Checker and Astropulse an application that uses coherent dedispersion to search for pulsed signals. SETI home users quickly started to compete with one another to process the maximum number of work units. Teams were formed to combine the efforts of individual users. As with any competition, attempts have been made to "cheat" the system and claim credit for work that has not been performed.

To combat cheats, the SETI home system sends every work unit to multiple computers, a value known as "initial replication" currently 2. Credit is only granted for each returned work unit once a minimum number of results have been returned and the results agree, a value known as "minimum quorum" currently 2.

If, due to computation errors or cheating by submitting false data, not enough results agree, more identical work units are sent out until the minimum quorum can be reached. The final credit granted to all machines which returned the correct result is the same and is the lowest of the values claimed by each machine.

The claimed credit by each machine for an identical work unit often varies due to minor differences in floating point arithmetic on different processors. Other users collect large quantities of equipment together at home to create "SETI farms", which typically consist of a number of computers consisting of only a motherboard , CPU , RAM and power supply that are arranged on shelves as diskless workstations running either Linux or old versions of Microsoft Windows "headless" without a monitor.

Like any project of prolonged duration, there are factors that may result in its termination. Some of these are detailed below:. The decreasing operating budget for the observatory has created a shortfall of funds which has not been made up from other sources such as private donors, NASA , other foreign research institutions, nor private non-profit organizations such as SETI home. However, in the overall longterm views held by many involved with the SETI project, any usable radio telescope could take over from Arecibo, as all the SETI systems are portable and relocatable.

When the project launched, there were few alternative ways of donating computer time to research projects. However, there are now many other projects that are competing for such time. In one documented case, an individual was fired for explicitly importing and using the SETI home software on computers used for the U. To some extent, this may be offset by better connectivity to home machines and increasing performance of home computers, [ citation needed ] especially those with GPUs , [30] which have also benefited other distributed computing projects such as Folding Home.

For example, in , Piotr Luszczek a former doctoral student of Jack Dongarra , presented results showing that an iPad 2 matched the historical performance of a Cray-2 the fastest computer in the world in on an embedded LINPACK benchmark. There is currently no government funding for SETI research, and private funding is always limited. Berkeley Space Science Lab has found ways of working with small budgets, and the project has received donations allowing it to go well beyond its original planned duration, but it still has to compete for limited funds with other SETI projects and other space sciences projects.

A number of individuals and companies made unofficial changes to the distributed part of the software to try to produce faster results, but this compromised the integrity of all the results. BOINC will run on unofficial clients; however, clients that return different and therefore incorrect data are not allowed, so corrupting the result database is avoided. BOINC relies on cross-checking to validate data [35] but unreliable clients need to be identified, to avoid situations when two of these report the same invalid data and therefore corrupt the database.

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