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The concerts were almost sold out, but nevertheless, it was another triumph for her. Due to the concert, she was offered again a contract to perform in the USA, but she refused it for the second time. In February, during her Canada tour, an obsessed fan tried to kidnap her by using a hammer, but did not succeed. The song " Je suis malade ", written and originally performed by Serge Lama was made into a success by Dalida during although she released it in In , Dalida recorded her biggest disco hit " Monday, Tuesday Laissez-moi danser " Monday Tuesday The song was a smash hit peaking 1 on the French charts.

Her debut of was marked by the release of a big disco hit " Rio do Brasil ". Then she released the album " Gigi in Paradisco ", named by title song that was a sequel to her previous hit " Gigi l'amoroso ".

In , Dalida met Lester Wilson. Agreeing to work together he became her choreographer for the upcoming spectacle in the Palais des Sports, booked for January In total, Dalida performed for three hours per day for fifteen days, with ten costume changes, twelve dancers, in front of a combined audience of around 90, people. Palais des Sports of Paris was the largest playing venue in Paris and also one of the biggest in France so triumph there was the same as the triumph in already mythical Olympia.

Following the spectacle, Dalida released the double live album Le spectacle du Palais des Sports and organized a new European tour and minor World tour. When she came back, she organized a tour across the whole of France delivering more 20 sold out concerts monthly across French countryside and cities. In , problems in her private life appeared again. Her inside tournaments were reflected in the profound song " A ma maniere ".

Very quickly Dalida left disco and started singing slower moody deep minded songs with typical 80s instruments. It was all caused again by escalating problems in her private life break up with St.

That same year she started to sing more often her song " Je suis malade " "I am sick". Her performances of that song during that year and later on, are today one of her most remembered performances. The song has also become her signature track. Dalida had popularized it globally, singing it because it reflects her personal torments and unhappiness, and has shown emotions that are, thus to numerous covers. From March to April , she held a month of sold-out concerts at the Olympia in Paris, emulating her successful tour.

It became her last Olympia concert because the following year Olympia went bankrupt until On the night of her inaugural performance, she became the first singer to be awarded with a diamond disc, in recognition of her record sales which, at that point in her career, have reached 65 million. That same year she refused to be a model for Marianne of France. Instead of disco, Dalida started to record dance songs that quickly replaced disco in France and had occupied the clubs.

She was half host and sang her songs. At the beginning of , she had many TV appearances singing new songs still unreleased. All that resulted with the release of a new dance album "Special Dalida". She was now ruling dance scene. The most remembered songs of the album are the dance songs " Jouez bouzouki ", " Danza " and moody " Nostalgie ". Dalida launched a new world tour in and spent most of to delivering sold-out concerts from Rio de Janeiro, across Europe, to Asia.

Her TV appearances were highly often in the 80s, almost every second week. In the summer of , during the FIFA world cup, just as many other singers, Dalida released a song for the French representation " La chanson du Mundial " 17 in France.

In the first part of , she released several songs and the most notable of them was " Mourir sur scène ". The dance-pop song has very profound lyrics and has stayed a big hit still today, one of the signature tracks by Dalida.

Most of her songs of were gathered on her album released in mid '83 " Les p'tits mots ", which featured other singles as " Lucas " and " Bravo ". By the beginning of , her private problems escalated again, so she couldn't dedicate as much time to her career as she would have wanted.

Although, she recorded a new repertoire completely of dance songs, like "Soleil" and "Kalimba de Luna". In mid '84, she recorded the album " Dali ", gathering all songs released that same year.

To promote the album, a television special was later released on VHS named "Dalida Idéale", it was filmed in , and directed by the then highly rated director Jean-Christophe Averty. This highly campy television special includes Dalida singing in 7 languages and dancing her way through a huge number of her earlier hits, all with the best video effects available at the time. Dalida also had a prestigious wardrobe during this show, changing more than 40 outfits from the best French and international fashion designers, showing off her amazing mannequin body for a woman of her age and keeping her "Glamour" and "DIVA" trademark gained during the disco era in the late seventies.

Dalida's eye problems returned again. She underwent two major eye operations in , and she put her career on hiatus as the stage lights started to become difficult for her to endure. During early , she occasionally had some live performances, as well as many TV appearances. When her eyes recovered in mid , she accepted the role of a young grandmother in the Youssef Chahine film Le Sixième Jour.

As she always wanted to become an actress, she temporarily disregarded her singing career and fully devoted herself to the movie. She returned to France to promote the movie in late In , she released Le Visage de l'amour with completely new recordings, and some singles from the album, which would become her last album.

Le temps d'aimer and Le Vénitien de Levallois were minor hit songs that failed to achieve bigger success upon their release. She did promote the album, but not as well as she used to do previously, due to issues in her private life which has never been worse since Dalida, therefore, spent more and more time in her house alone or going out with friends in an attempt to amuse herself, again neglecting her career.

Instead of promoting new songs, she would once again organize a lot of concerts on a monthly basis, singing her previously-known hits. Dalida was then known for the amazing "show" performances, wearing her wardrobe from — She sang glamourous disco-dance songs from same period such as Je suis toutes les femmes , Gigi in paradisco , Il faut danser reggae , Monday, Tuesday By the beginning of , Dalida was entering into severe depression while trying to overcome it.

Although no new songs had been recorded, she toured internationally from Los Angeles to the Middle East. Being part of the music spotlight in , many of her songs appeared daily on TV, as well as many notable TV appearances in talk shows from — Her last live performance took place in Antalya , Turkey, from 27 to 29 April , just before her suicide. On the night of 2 May to 3, , Dalida committed suicide by overdosing on barbiturates.

By birth she automatically gained Italian nationality through jus sanguinis of both Italian parents. In she replaced it with French nationality through marriage to a French citizen. While Dalida was professionally very successful, her private life was marred by a series of failed relationships and personal problems. In January , she took part in the Sanremo Festival with her new lover, Italian singer, songwriter, and actor Luigi Tenco.

But, stressed, Tenco failed despite Dalida's performance. Tenco committed suicide on 27 January , after learning that his song had been eliminated from the final competition. Tenco was found by Dalida in his hotel room with a bullet wound in his left temple and a note announcing that his gesture was against the jury and public's choices during the competition.

She spent five days in a coma and several months convalescing. In December , she became pregnant by a year-old Italian student, Lucio. She had an abortion that left her infertile. In September , her former husband — Lucien Morisse, with whom she was on good terms, committed suicide, shooting himself in the head.

In April , her close friend, singer Mike Brant leapt to his death from an apartment in Paris. In July , her lover from to , Richard Chanfray, committed suicide by inhaling the exhaust gas of his Renault 25 car. Since her death, Dalida has become a cult figure to a new generation of fans. Dalida polled second, behind Général de Gaulle. She is also a gay icon in France. In , for the award "Greatest Singer of the Century" in France based on three criteria: Her output has also been the subject of various remix albums.

Since her death, many of Dalida's hits have been remixed to modern techno and dance beats. Dalida is the most consecrated artist in the history of France.

During her life and posthumously, she collected various international awards that no European artist has ever obtained. Her early success with Bambino made Barclay adopt the practice of other producers in the world who had already awarded their singers with golden certifications, so, on 19 September , Bambino became the first record in the history of France to be certified gold. Barclay had not been the official certification association, but has faithfully served its ,copy gold certification award over the years.

In , from the hands of Barclay, Dalida received the certification of a Platinum Disk for Accumulated Sales of over 10 million discs sold in the previous seven years of her career. It was the first time in world history that the term "platinum disk" was used and awarded to a singer. The inspiration for the name came after this Dalida's achievement 12 years earlier.

In , Dalida celebrated 25 years of her career. On the first night of her Olympia concerts on 17 January , Orlando awarded Dalida with a Diamond Disk for Lifetime Achievement and 45 million units sold. Brève histoire de la bio La bio aujourd'hui La bio demain.

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