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Farfelu, étourdi, éceverlé, mais fils du président du Rotary-club, celui-ci arrive flanqué de son garde du corps et de sa petite amie!

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Alain Strowel , 22 janvier , http: Regional-IT 30 octobre — Tribune: Le Soir 12 juillet — Interview: Datanews 10 mai — Interview: Débat libre 19 avril — Interview sur le droit des logiciels libres http: Business in the Cloud… or Cloud in the Business? Open Source et Industrie: Le logiciel libre en évolution: The music industry re-invented, Brussels, 1 March Entre Public et Privé: He also represents clients in tort litigation.

Since , Eric has been advising and representing well-known authors and owners of cartoon characters in all fields of endeavour, both nationally and internationally. Counterbalancing measures are required in compliance with market rules - Lettera alle Autorità Europee Companies with employee stock ownership had only half as many layoffs as other companies during the last two recessions. Lo Stato si appropria della Banca senza pagare gli azionisti Annual Economic Survey , some country files: Belgium , France , Germany New Global Share Plans website by Deloitte Comunicato stampa - Banca MPS: Belgian Ministry of Economy: Call for tender for a study about how to develop employee ownership in SMEs deadline Updated table of recent policy decisions in European countries - Norway doubling tax incentives on employee share plans New Global Equity Matrix available The European Parliament publishes a study on Spanish employee-owned " sociedades laborales " Ein Blog zum Thema Mitarbeiterkapitalbeteiligung Kyoung Yong Kim and Pankaj C.

Patel, Employee ownership and firm performance: MPS, manovre oscure per impadronirsene a basso costo Results report a strong correlation between employee ownership incidence and the index of economic freedom. Does Employee Stock Ownership Work? Evidence from publicly-traded firms in Japan Report of the European Conference on employee ownership policies Recent politicy decisions in Europe are all in a favorable direction. In Denmark, awaited return to favorable tax regimes on employee share and option plans, as applied until Database of employee share ownership in European companies - Version Fortunately, the OECD heard our claims What do we really know about worker co-operatives?

New employee shareholders association for Siemens: German politics finally needs to act EFES Publications page European governments bet again on employee share ownership Recent policy decisions regarding employee share ownership in European countries Employee share ownership in - France visual Japan Employee Ownership Association European Action Plan schemes Bilfinger employee shareholders association Renewed page "about employee share ownership" This document summarizes information on the key compliance issues for equity awards and covers tax and securities, exchange control, labor and data privacy issues in 50 countries.

Fiscal incentives are indispensable prerequisites for the development of employee share ownership University of Oxford 10 week online course: Letter to President Jean-Claude Juncker Employee share ownership in Veidekke Norway Comunicato stampa di Conapa: It's time for employee participation.

E' tempo di promuovere la partecipazione. Comunicato Spampa - MPS: ETUC position on conditions for employee financial participation, as adopted on March Piccoli azionisti protagonisti Employee share ownership weakened by government legislation What we do UK - Employee Ownership budget announcement Conference on employee ownership in Rome, March 12, Manifesto sulla promozione dell'azionariato dei dipendenti Here is the beautiful and wonderful story: La démocratisation de l'actionnariat salarié en France Center for Employee Stock Ownership in Korea British Government response to the Nuttall Review: Next steps for employee ownership in the UK UK - ifs ProShare response to the consultation on implementing new "employee-owner" status Osborne's plan British Government's action to boost employee ownership sector approved Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung über Mitarbeiterbeteiligung The employee ownership advantage Epargne salariale - nouvelle donne en France British HMRC consultation on employee share schemes: The EFES answer Typology of employee ownership Rebranding from Norse Solutions to ' Accurate Equity ' for administration, reporting, accounting and disclosure of share-based payment programs California Center for Employee Ownership Comunicato Stampa - Avviare concretamente la partecipazione dei dipendenti Access to the database of employee ownership in European companies Comments by European companies about employee ownership Letter from Graeme Nuttall Mitarbeiterbeteiligung im Mittelstand - Lettre à Madame Pervenche Berès Report of the public hearing in the European Parliament on March 22 Letter from Nicolas Sarkozy A letter from François Hollande in French Please note our new fax number: Photo album of the hearing in the European Parliament All pictures of the public hearing in the European Parliament Public hearing in the European Parliament on March All presentations are now available Economic survey of employee ownership in the European countries in - First indication Public Hearing in the European Parliament - March 22, in place of February 28 as mentioned before Employee share plans by Public Hearing in the European Parliament - February 28, Employee share ownership and corporate governance in the European Union Sulla lettera del Governo italiano all'Unione Europea: Partecipazione si, ma quella vera?

Participación financiera y politica fiscal Actionnariat salarié dans les grandes entreprises françaises Umfrage Mitarbeiterbeteiligung im Umfeld drohender Finanzkrisen Ekai Center - Acceso de los trabajadores al capital en España Miteinander - MitErfolg Newsletter Nr Lubos Blaha - Back To Marx?

The impact of Personnel Funds doctoral thesis by Christina Sweins Verwaltung von Mitarbeiterbeteiligungsmodellen Robert Oakeshott died on Monday night. He was pretty miserable these last months, after his strokes, so it was in my view a release for him. But he would have wanted us to have a good long lunch with a couple of bottles of red wine, and plenty of laughter. Followed by a new initiative to promote employee ownership. Universität Leipzig - Literaturangaben auf das Mitarbeiterkapitalbeteiligungsgesetz L'exercice des droits de vote de l'actionnariat salarié en France - Questions aux as semblées European Top Executives and "common" employee owners in Employee ownership in Australia New topic in EFES' forum: Employee ownership and the "Big Society" in the UK Ordonnance de transposition de la Directive Droits des Actionnaires en France A significant step forward for employee shareholders' rights in France Survey about new legislation in Germany Presidency of the EU Council - Report of the conference on employee ownership Updated links page Nieuwe dienstverlening Nederlands Participatie Instituut in de vorm van adviespakketten Die voestalpine-Mitarbeiterbeteiligung Golden parachute at Total - how the votes of employee shareholders were corrupted Wir haben Unternehmen nach ihrer Einstellung zum Mitarbeiterkapitalbeteiligungsgesetz befragt, das im letzten Jahr seine erste Novelle erfahren durfte.

Welcome amendments to the Prospectus Directive for employee share plans will be in force by July Exercising employee shareholders' rights - Esercitare i diritti degli Azionisti dipendenti 32 pages in English and Italian Link to the Australian Employee Buyout Centre The European Economic and Social Committee prepares a new own-initiative opinion University of Aberdeen, Sept Co-operatives, mutuals, and employee-owned business in a global context, organised by the Co-Operative Education Trust Scotland September in Rome - The European Conference on employee shareholders' rights European conference in Rome, Sep , - Programme and participation form Un "cavalier" inconstitutionnel en France - à propos de la transposition de la Directive Droit des Actionnaires France - Projet d'Ordonnance sur la Directive droits des actionnaires - Les avis au 7.

Transparence et actionnariat salarié chez Total The database of employee ownership in European companies is available for research work and analysis A cat is a cat.

New forum on this website: Let's focus on employee ownership as the real question nowadays and forget the old concept of "employee financial participation" which is now obsolete and confusing Germany - GIZ Newsletter Exercising employee shareholders' rights in European companies - dedicated website www. Incroyable intimidation de Total contre ses actionnaires salariés - l'avis de Proxinvest McCreevy Directive in Italy - Conapa vince la battaglia per i piccoli azionisti Best of humor Exercising employee shareholders' rights You can support our information work with a donation Update - Employee Ownership Stock Indexes Employee Share Ownership for Poland and for Europe Corriere della Sera 11 Novembre - Tabacci alla guida dei piccoli azionisti MF 11 Novembre - Battaglia per i diritti degli azionisti Il Sole 24 Ore 10 Novembre - Conapa rivedere legge Proxy voting by Internet has been since ten years inexistent in France because of Pressemitteilung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Partnerschaft in der Wirtschaft e.

Effervescence in Italy about Mc Creevy's Directive on shareholders' rights Employee ownership and corporate performance - renewed webpage Il governo avvia il tavolo della partecipazione - un progetto europeo Website for Employee Ownership and dedicated folder Proposta al nuovo Parlamento Europeo Proposal to the new European Parliament New website for the Ohio Employee Ownership Center New topic in Discussion Forum: Seeling my company to employees in Italy Fra gli azionisti delle banche non trascuriamo i dipendenti.

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