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To encourage young PhD holders and PhD students to excel in research on urban What's new in India? June in India has been marked by two important events: Ce sont essentiellement les minibus et les taxis qui répondent aux besoins de mobilité des Dakarois. Le recours à ces véhicules de faible capacité se Les grandes villes du Pérou sont actuellement en plein processus de réglementation de leurs systèmes de transport.

MobiliseYourCity supports local governments in developing countries to plan sustainable The main project objectives are: Several reasons caused this issue: Taking advantage of highly positive reviews for the original One-day seminar on Paratransit Paris, March , a second One-day seminar was organised in Marseile, on March 2 The whole team is delighted to present, through the activity report, a summary of actions taken. Annual report This annual report was approved at the Annual General Kindly fill in the form below and proceed with the payment on the A training course dedicated to local authorities To support local authorities in their role as public contracting authority and as major players in development, the CEFEB, the group's corporate university of Introduction Tunis est la capitale administrative et économique de la Tunisie, un Etat d'Afrique du Nord situé entre l'Algérie et la Libye, bordé au Nord par la mer Méditerranée, et abritant une population de plus de 11 millions Elle a pour objectif de promouvoir la mobilité urbaine soutenable dans les villes en développement A walk through Kochi Kerala, India Authors: Quels noms pour le transport artisanal en Afrique?

Péage à Puente Piedra et accès à la ville: Quel devenir pour les villes du Sud? AdP-Villes en Développement organise la 1ère édition du concours vidéo Villes en développement. Ce concours est destiné à valoriser les pratiques des jeunes professionnels. Il vise à faire Call for paper for the special issue: Date limite de réception des offres: One-day Seminar on Paratransit Program Université Aix-Marseille - Marseille - March 2 Click here to read the initial call for abstracts Having taken place in Paris last March, the initial one-day seminar on paratransit was jointly Les villes de Lima, Arequipa et Trujillo sont actuellement en plein processus de structuration de leurs systèmes de transport.

Five years after the Tunisian Arab Spring, is a key year for major development projects, particularly in the field of transport. The revolution and the consequent political and economic instability of the country led to some Cette assistance technique est Le tramway en Algérie, un instrument de développement durable: Quels pilotes pour la mobilité? One-day Seminar on Paratransit "Paratransit in the World: Between informality and institutionalization" 2nd March , in Marseille France In several urban areas, inhabitants lack formal public transport options for their daily travel En avril était signé une convention de coopération entre les villes de Strasbourg en France et de Kairouan en Tunisie dans le but de développer des actions touchant au développement de la démocratie locale et à l'amélioration For the second consecutive year, CODATU offered to amateur photographers worldwide to submit pictures which challenge us to re-imagine urban mobility and emphasize on the importance of urban transport to ensure a From sports venues to public transport infrastructures and rolling stock In general, operational costs for high-capacity public transport systems are seldom covered by fare box revenues.

Subsidy amounts awarded to public and private Can you tell us about your company? This start-up offers companies and individuals a courier services and delivery of either letters, bills, keys, pizza, food, etc In what sense a Call for Expression of Interest? September 22 is the World Car Free Day, a day that encourages drivers to abandon their car for a day and consider other travel modes in urban areas such as public transport, bicycle, walk, etc.

Even though September 22 was celebrated in Climate Chance is a world-class summit where non-state actors mobilised against climate change will meet in Nantes from 26 to 28 September. In addition to conferences, forums and workshops, participants will join forces to deliver a common Cette infographie est désormais The World Urban Campaign is a partnership platform that promotes inclusive and resilient cities. Its objective is to put the New Urban Agenda at the highest level in development policies.

It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and regroups more Elle a pour objectif de promouvoir la mobilité urbaine soutenable dans les villes en On this day a dozen This presentation was prepared for the International Conference on "Safety and quality of public transport services: The Congress will be a key space for How to implement a mass The invitation is continuously open This conference is one of the important Elle est caractérisée par un fort étalement urbain qui impacte de manière conséquente le système de transport ainsi que sa planification.

What is the CMI mission? This rapid increase in population and In the field of transport, as in many other sectors, there is a real need for exchange across the Mediterranean. Regional meetings are always appreciated, but participants regularly express their difficulty in cultivating relationships and Rencontre Transitec "Optimiser la mobilité: Home Who we are? Agir pour une mobilité soutenable dans les villes en développement Version française.

New, improved and better search engine! By themes By areas. Select the kind of articles you are looking for. Retrato Mobilidade no Brasil: Planning urban mobility in developing countries for more energy-efficient cities: An agreement to modernise the bus system of Ouagadougou A project to modernise the Ouagadougou bus system is set up.

Launching of a Technical Cooperation in Egypt! Les Rencontres Cités-Unies de France: How to implement a new integrated system of public transport in Peru? Are the Peruvian urban transports entering into a new paradigm?

CODATU gets involved in the discussion about improving multimodal hubs Which interfaces to facilitate the mode shift and make it pleasant? Sexual harassment and women-only transport in Egypt According to a UN Women report April , ninety-nine percent of women in Egypt have experienced a form of sexual harassment, highlighting that public transportation is the second most likely place for the harassment to occur.

Coopération Technique Brésil — Rio de Janeiro: InOut on Digital Mobility: Launch of an opportunity study for a tram line in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro As part of the technical cooperation with the State of Rio de Janeiro, AFD will support the City of Niterói for an opportunity study for a tram line. Launch of the initiative in Tunisia In December , the Tunisian government announced his willingness to join the MobiliseYourCity initiative to promote sustainable urban mobility planning, to reduce the impacts of urban transport on the climate and to improve the quality Mobilité urbaine et genre en Tunisie: Greater Cairo and how the transport system is coping with rapid expansion Introduction Greater Cairo GC is the largest urban area in the Middle East and one of the most populated cities in the world.

Efficient Urban Transport for Sustainable Cities: The Kochi Metro Experience: Le vélo dans les villes méditerranéennes du Sud: Mobilise Your City India: European Union grants 3. Je pense que vous souhaitez un plan sexé. Je suis en Italy Germany Europe.

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