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La Mamasita on August 18, at Fatima on December 08, at

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Get your software and design your own business card! Designer on February 13, at If you think about it when something is soo ugly their cute. Soo don't be so rude about these 2 pictures no matter what they are God's creations and you should know that if you get nightmares you are weird and if you say you do not want to get a dog anymore than you are just plain weird.

You do realize when you get a dog you can see them before you see them. Non of Your Business on February 14, at Audrey on February 15, at The military helps support families who are helpless and the fight our battles Facts are Facts, the US Army rules!!

Camzzter on February 15, at Selena Gomez on February 16, at British soldier on February 16, at Even if these people are fake there are real people in the military who have feelings and care. Proud supporter on February 22, at Every person in the U. Army is a son, or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a father or mother.

Most are young, from all parts of this country, with different backgrounds, faiths, politics, different hopes and dreams. They get tired, scared, frustrated. Most are unsung heroes. To say "They are evil, they are criminals" only reveals the ignorance of the speaker, who has been clearly brainwashed for political purposes by others. Guard Mom on February 23, at Faz on February 24, at I am ash i am looking for cool girl to be my girl frnd may be its you nt definatly boys coz i nt a gay..

Call me up girls i am got sexy Ash on February 25, at The top one does look a bit like Hyde from That 70's Show. NoveltyFishHead on February 25, at OMG awesume its cool soooooo deep i wanna go ther but im scared You guys r mean! Look at his eyes their white, which means hes most probably blind or poor sighted. And he is also older than most dogs. But he could be a fantastic dog and you will never have a dog better than him. Steph on February 27, at Umar on February 27, at Raza on February 27, at Iam a boy looking for a Telugu girl living in pune for good friendship and for chill-out contact me Deeru on February 28, at This swimming pool is very impressive!

The extraordinary pool offers a one of a kind experience and an excellent view! I would love to watch divers through the glass windows while having coffee in their restaurant. Rutty Tuyor on February 28, at Magesh on February 28, at M on February 28, at Belal on February 29, at Luke bessant on March 01, at Makiya Ariori on March 01, at Mohamed aqbad mashu nufad terieb on March 01, at Osama Bin Laden on March 01, at You dislike my vids man, not cool, the video clearly says sub for sub.

Allah on March 01, at God on March 01, at Thahir on March 02, at I am NOT full of myself, thank you very much! Maybe next time you should think before you write. I agree with Loren - you have terrible grammer. I am very sexy boy i want a true girl freind and my mo. Sunny on March 03, at Farouq Issah on March 03, at These are certainly going to leave an impact on the customer.

Creative Pile on March 04, at Confused in NY on March 04, at Angelina Jolie on March 05, at Ali on March 08, at Vikrant singh on March 08, at Hafiz Ali on March 09, at Saini on March 10, at Nouman Tariq on March 11, at Hi im vijay on March 13, at Hi i am vijay on March 13, at Alana on March 14, at Asma Rashid on March 17, at Angelina jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world. Rajkaran yadav on March 17, at The water that is running out is being carried through the rod structure.

Your Welcome Bundle of Sticks. Obamas Osama on March 21, at That is so cool! My friend is a really good swimmer and she would absolutely love this! Bekah on March 24, at Paris on March 25, at RuDo on March 29, at The soldiers good laugh with the children, but in Vietnam to fire bombem small children throw very well. There's only two things I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures, and the Dutch. Nigel Powers on April 04, at Ron Paul on April 04, at It is still true about Iran building nukes and with no good intentions.

Post your pic and videos of your models at www. Soyam on April 06, at For a stunning hotel on the soutwest corner of Turkey above the butterfly valley on the Lycian Walk check www.

Mehedi Hasan on April 07, at Probar on April 09, at Nawshirwan on April 10, at Hossam on April 12, at Sobmajay prevail on April 14, at I'm with Sam and Rose, I've got a mental twin too.

Welcome to the club! Joe on April 15, at Akinlaja felix shina on April 15, at This finding confirms the truth of what Johann Goethe said: What is Leadership on April 19, at None of these are in Sweden.

JJSHimandle on April 21, at I'll never be able to have a wank again, you bastards my future is in ruins. Jay on April 22, at Hassaan Amir on April 23, at He is gods creature. He cant help that he is the way he looks. God made him for a reason. You should not make fun of him. Dogvet on April 24, at I think they are just normal people! Why is everyone hating on these people?

Who the hell looks magnificent without make up? Beside, some make up is good, it shows that a woman takes care of her appearance. I hate to see some people walking down the street looking as they just rolled out of bed! I love those soldiers who are loving those children s,but in other hand they r killing there parents OK if they are right so,why they are killing just Muslims. This thing is not good. Hy i am a boy i want a friend.

Nemo on April 28, at US-Army is the coward army as you know because with much advanced technology they could not defeat Taliban. All of the above pictures are fake because they killed a number of innocent peoples in all around the world. Even when they are showing love and compassion people still shit all over them. Those soldiers don't kill people because they want to. It's impossible to avoid casualties. It sucks, but until people can learn to live in peace, we're going to have conflicts where people die.

It's not just up to the United States to lead an example of peace. It's up to everybody, including those who live in the Middle East. Bob on May 01, at Shadab sindhi on May 02, at Dogvet, God only made one man - Adam. Like good people, stupid ones are self-made. Bible Reader on May 03, at Donte on May 07, at It will never confound me, the freaking delusions some people live with.

No, she will never call you. She knows she's beautiful, but she's also a bit of a deviant which is fine by me but the average "groupie" will never manage to wrap their brains around what makes her function. Be a better and more successful person and you won't have to live via delusions. Me on May 07, at So all the pictures are fake but the one with the dead child, but no that one is real.

That makes you sound like a moron. And if a kid died in Iraq in the last 8 years he or she was more likely killed by a road side bomb, in other words by an insergent. These are some fairly innovative designs. The one which opens up to display a small wooden chair is memorable, almost haunting in its emptiness.

Charlton on May 10, at I need to know how much is the cost, also other details and characteristic to make the order of this Business Card Design and 18 Thanks for your help!

Eddy on May 10, at I agree with the Math engineer. The illustrations should not be interpreted in a literal way. Civil Engineer on May 12, at Abdul Jameel on May 13, at Good, but saddly they dont talk about the dark side. American people deserve respect but the U. A government became terrorist, they kill for oil, thats all. Well, lets just watch our world burning cuz of greed, we will destroy ourselves, theres no heroes to save us from our own corruption. This pool is incredible. This would be a dream to swim in.

I am a fish out of water Maybe someday I will get there. Amy on May 14, at The pictures are really awesome. If you don't have any good culture to be proud of, then don't steal others and promote as yours!!! Wael on May 17, at Cynthia on May 20, at Debottam on May 24, at OMG love swimming and weeant to go id go if o didn't live in the usa p.

These illustrations are pretty exaggerated as there is no evidence Iran has weapons of mass destruction as it was in the case of Iraq. Steve42 on May 26, at Next Stop Iran on May 26, at It's easy to sponsor a friend or donate to a charity. Just type in their name below to make your donation. Hassan Bhatti on May 28, at If you cant support our troops and you think so low of us American's then why did you Escape from your wonderful country to our "horrible" one?!

Army Wife on May 28, at I personally have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful man in my salon who is from Afghan, and happened to live exactly where my husband is stationed, he couldn't give enough thanks to our soldiers for all that they have done!

The people who dont appreciate. Army Wife2 on May 28, at The ones who are against us fight us, kill us, destroy families! THEY are who harm the children by pushing them out into the middle of a war zone they are the reason innocent lives are taken our soldiers are the reason they are saved! Army Wife3 on May 28, at Ali Rezaee on May 31, at Lily on June 04, at Hello My name is Natalie r and i am good looking girl and i am seeking tolerance, kind, honest and sincere man for relationship. What is the average age of the people leaving these comments?

It's like baby-talk and immaturity, mixed with a side of horrendous spelling and grammar mistakes. Are you people serious? I live in the USA too but Im definitely adding this to my bucket list! Diana on June 09, at Kori on June 12, at Hi, am looking for a training course for Fidic within next few months, would you please help me to find out the most proper one related to VOs, Claims as such.

Am in Qatar but ready to take this course anywhere. Mountasser on June 14, at I thought it was kind of irresponsible for a US soldier to let a child near such a dangerous and powerful weapon like what's happening in the first image.

Then I hear it's a British soldier who's doing such an irresponsible thing. Tiger on June 15, at Those guys who put their personal phone number here make me laugh thank you for being so pathétically Funny hahahaha!! Angelina, queen of beauty, married with Wonderful Brad Pitt, sexy, famous, rich, having togeteher happy little family is going to take her phone and call a crazy stupid anonymous maybe poor and ugly? Neh on June 18, at MoJi on June 18, at Us army and all soldiers are arrogant cocky cheaters.

They screw around with the ugly fat bitches in the units they all make me sick they aren't heros they are idiots with daddy issues or were geeks in high school and need to feel powerful just like police officers. They all think they are great and they aren't they are idiots for signing up to be moving targets but if the shoe fits wear it!!!

Wife on June 24, at Sajid idrisi on June 24, at I had a little trouble finding the elephant and firguring out what the drawing was, but in the end I got it, it was so a frog. Jessie Basu on June 25, at Truth be known, this will not offend a Leo. We like the attention too much. We got you to answer, didn't we? Johnny on June 29, at Sould i connect the dots, trough the maze while finding the elephant and solving the tic-tac-toe?

Nur on June 30, at It's ok, I fight the battle so you can sit here and complain, 'nuff said. For those you really appreciate it we appreciate your support. A soldier on July 03, at We fight to keep America Free and Strong, I love this land and would die for the people in it. Also how do you think you could say these things if it weren't for our Military? No they would be killed instently. This made me lol although some people don't look so fugly without makeup. What the hellis wrong with Avril lavigne in that picture?

Is she like on drugs. Haha on July 08, at Jush on July 11, at Munawirudheen on July 13, at Dr Meesam Abbas Rizvi on July 14, at Mehreen rajpoot on July 15, at Misti on July 16, at I'd like to swim nude as deep as I could in this.

No fins, tanks or mask, though. Amanda Kershaw on July 17, at This is a completgely amazing pool! Kriss bell on July 18, at Aubrey on July 19, at Growing Solder, on July 21, at Yusuf A Shaikh on July 26, at I love this website because there are some really funny photo shopped photos on here please add some more of animals you haven't added to this webiste yet.

Thanks keep on photo shopping. Person on July 29, at Awesom on August 01, at Yes, I have nothing to say but she is so unique. I admire her beauty. I love her so much. She is the best, she is the most beautiful and the most charming woman in the world.

I think no one can compete with her. Saltanat on August 02, at Kyle on August 04, at Khushboo Sharma on August 10, at I Love USA and it's good people. Rap artists, Basketball players, singers, actors, it's my dreamland. Bena on August 12, at Marlon on August 15, at Laura Brentley on August 16, at Caitriona on August 18, at K Pradeep Kumar on August 29, at Nature is our life.

Mohammad Ahmad on September 03, at Ashley Simpson is kinda cute without it Bubbaluvnit on September 03, at Rehmat on September 08, at Glad we found this site.. At times my morning face looks much better than some of them.. So look good and feel good for who you are. British Army is weak. The British make good friendly fire targets.

A British life is useless compared to an American life. British suck,and so does that fat Queen. Limeys suck in cobat lol. American peasant farmers beat them twice in combat hahahahahahaha. Machines on September 12, at Hahahahaha,the Limeys can't fight lol. The quit Iraq and left the USA there to deal with insurgents.

The British are scared little pussycats,meow hahahaha. Well,they had to come back from Iraq. Britian is alreay turning into the middle east like France hahahaha. German man on September 12, at CardFila - Online business card holder on September 13, at El on September 15, at I have a dog thats better looking than that and i asure you thats the ugliest dog i ever seen. Jay on September 17, at Erin on September 19, at CCCP on September 19, at S army loves afghans children then why the are killing thiere gardians.

USa is the biggest idiot. Ricardo on September 24, at Cleo Satori on September 25, at I only wish that all of the soldiers on the Middle East were like the ones on the photos Thanks for showing these photos, it shows that at least many of the US soldiers still have that humanity that many believe all of the soldiers already lost.

Ives on September 30, at Anand on October 02, at Dinesh Kumar Bhargava on October 04, at Sorab on October 04, at Im not Americans, but you need to respect your soldier, they are the people who Protect your country from us, you think they do bad? Ridiculous to hate soldiers. Im not Arabs by the way. AK on October 10, at Jew on October 10, at It's awesome I am a fish I swim every day..

I live in USA and just started a business and the first trip I make will be to Brussels Belgium to check this place out and I will definitely will bring some friends and will def build something like this in my own home thanks for the idea. Ashtin on October 19, at D s sachan on October 21, at Erwin on October 22, at Amazing it's cool I just want to jump in it though I'am scared of deep pools omg can't believe that there's a pool so deep I want to know all details about it and imagining that if michal phelps would be with me over there then I'am a great fan of him.

Ruchika on October 25, at Yeah the the first. Soldier is british look at his rifle it's a bullpup the u. S military don't use bullpups whatever britain is a great country and it would be my first choice to live if i couldn't. Live in the u. S citizen on October 25, at Nafees khan on October 26, at Mohammad on October 26, at Asghar on October 28, at Halle Berry is stunning and so cute without make-up.

She is a true beauty. AJP on October 29, at AJMR on October 31, at Farty on November 01, at These are excellent Google maps pictures, if you are seeking top ranking in Google Maps then please visit this page- rankingoogle. Google Local Ranking on November 02, at The meaning of into 66 probably 1 into19 equal 19 2 into19 equal38 3 into19 equal 57 adding 19 plus 39 plus 57 equal the suraths in Quran.

Mohammadshafi mogral Puthur on November 02, at Batanga is an adnetwork with headquarters in New York,United States, and sales offices in different Latin American countries, which allows us to effectively monetize the inventory of the region.

We also work with agencies and direct clients around the world, so we can manage all your traffic. I wish I could talk to you and tell you a little more about Batanga.

There are several advertisers who may be interested in displaying. Pablo Lorenzelli on November 02, at Rahim on November 04, at Well very soon A Muslim will stick these bombs up your filthy asses you fecking mongrels. Zarri Hashmi on November 04, at The best Army in the whole wide world, we in Ghana salute you for your bravery.

This is very offensive to blondes- aka me. I'm not stupid- just because one blonde may be stupid doesn't mean every blonde is stupid.

Karma on November 09, at I respect the many that give their lives for a better world: Army, British Army and other countries who contribute to peace. Megz is me name on November 12, at Maybe then your statements will be valid.

Truth Hurts on November 13, at Gives details with meaning. Delshad Ali on November 18, at Elijah Gonzales on November 28, at A very nice and realistic story. It was long but undoubtedly worth the reading, Creativity and simple drafts and sketches make the story even more interesting. Zhubin on December 06, at It's very interesting for the children and my nephew also visited here by their school trip. Nice and admirable for it's administration. Muhammad Athar Mahmood on December 07, at Anita on December 07, at Fatima on December 08, at Looking for an oportunity to buy some of your collection.

My students loved them, but they wanted to know where they were, also. I couldn't tell them, but it made for a great web-search using skills developed in class. Some can be interpreted in various ways, and that increases their worth.

We discussed some of them in detail, and the classroom was filled with energy and ideas. MAD on December 10, at Lucas on December 11, at Thanks, but there is one that isn't on there and I can't remember the name and I really need it!

Anonymous banana on December 14, at Hi asslaam aleakum very fantestic house really god bless him 2 much i want to goverment. Mina on December 15, at Botte safari on December 18, at I love little things!! Pamela on December 20, at It was very of you to remember them. BluBel on December 26, at Abubackar on December 29, at Abubackar Adharam Ulikkal on December 29, at Great Collection i really like your ideas..

And theyre making the dog mad too which isnt helping at all, photo wise. So the dogs are flying? That or either theyre taking the place of confetti. Thats just an estimated guess though. As we provide a large number of kilogram to buyer, we are prepared to provide quantities of up to kilograms of Following is information concerning our product: Ahura on January 02, at SufiMuhammad on January 04, at Girl on January 04, at Edith on January 05, at Otherwise the graphics and your comments are wonderful.

Alex on January 07, at Richard Mangonon Bernal on January 08, at Mike on January 10, at Waheed on January 18, at Truth Hurts, your opinion could be taken more seriously if you had known how to type correctly. Tommyboy on January 21, at Plastic cards printing on January 23, at ME on January 25, at I really like the pepsi redeisign on here it looks very sleek!

Joe on January 25, at Wondering what "Mutli-tasking is.. Mags on January 25, at Diana on January 25, at I think its real. You guys are just a couple of boobs! Poop on February 16, at The Cobra Tower inKuwait is an excellent Idea, and I wish very very very much to participate with my unique exceptional idea to be a true partner with my idea to bulid the new version of cobra tower in Dubai, Qater, Abu Dahbi, Bahrian, Muscat, London. I hope some one will e- mail me to start the serious profitable partnership.

Hussein Nagy Mahmoud Shaker on February 22, at R rabbit job rain dance rainbow series random Random Number God random numbers randomness rape rare mode raster blaster raster burn rasterbation rat belt rat dance rathole ratio site rave rave on! I've had dreams about careening through the pool with endless explorer opportunities. Kayte on February 24, at Apple on February 26, at YOUR means you own it. I was there at the bottom a few hours ago: I'm a AOW diver, and it was really amazing, 34,8 metres of depth!!

But on these photos the pool is empty,when I was there it was full of people over a hundred I think , and you don't have much place to move, you must permanently take care not to hit or kick or beat someone else, or to sit down on someone's head But besides that it is a spectacular experience for every diver ;. Lore on March 01, at Harshad Dave on March 07, at GiovanniNY on March 20, at I don't know that is TRUE but it's a ejaz fr every musalman of the world.

Bella on April 09, at Some of the locations: Paco on April 13, at Zacjk on April 14, at I think it's amazing! I even showed my husband who said wow its so precise and full of perfection. Naina on April 17, at Every celebrity is ugly without makeup except for Marilyn Manson. Marilyn Manson looks even better without makeup. Ria on April 23, at Proud to be one of the geeks and nerds of these world. I simply love engineering. Engineering Manager on April 30, at Umesh Chandra Mishra on May 01, at So its basically saying no scuba diving.

But they are scuba diving. James Eldom on May 09, at My last name is Anvari I am persian btw. Emma on May 09, at Humaid on May 10, at Gabriel Adair Luna Toledo on May 11, at Could you imagine having to run and hide from Crocobird? I wonder what kind of horrifying, blood curdling noise it would make whilst swooping down?

KraKriK on May 22, at Tiffy on May 22, at Awesome and very inspiring post. Thanks for those examples of creativity and design. IronCards on May 23, at Does someone know what this smiley means?? Thank you for your informations. Hi, can anyone tell me what breed of dog is the one on the very first picture with the little girl?

Stuart Banks on May 27, at The Thai restaurant here at the pool is nice too. You have to rent BCs and bottles etc. Another fun pool is Dive4Life across the border in Getmany. Sally Webster on June 06, at If by any chance the audience know Farsi Persian language, they can check this name reference as well: Farsi Names on June 10, at Where is it located in Iran?

Looks like so amazing!! I am looking for a hotel in shiraz and don't kknow why arrived here Fe costta on June 10, at Tough life but you get used to it. No one listens to your thoughts or cares. You just live in solitude for a while with no confidence or Self Esteem. Im born on the day of the Overseer and Im afraid of everyone and everything. No respect for myself. Im just a Scorpio from hell itself. Im not talking about Michigan. Im talking about Hell. My life just is fucked up.

I really just want to sever all ties to everyone and watch the world burn. DarkLigh on June 12, at Taylor on June 12, at Wow, so she was actually kind of cute, for like 20 minutes.

Never could act, though. Well I think they should build an underwater zip line. Ridel on June 20, at Nice to meet you,how is work I hope this letter will finds all of your house holds in the best of health.

I am Erina,by name, i know you will be surprise to hear from me. Though that we have not see each other face to face but God in his infinite mercy have his own way to bring two people together ,be it friends. From my own little understanding i believe that love or friendship makes the world go around,I want to share life experience and culture with you,I do hope by the end of this letter you will bring smile to my face. It's never my desire to remain what I am now,but struggling to become what am.

Give my love to your family and lots of love to you too. Take care your new friend Erina. HsiaoHsianLi on June 23, at Most of people are taking special interest for searching creative, innovative and unique business cards, so you have mentioned a list of awesome business cards. These innovative and newly designed business cards really inspired me. So I like and appreciate your post. Smith Jones on June 25, at Rick on July 04, at I m very - 2 hot kya ap meri dost banegi pls rpl me and my this no or e- mail harish.

Amir Bemanian on July 08, at There sure are alot of sad americans on here, cause they live in the US and belgium is really far away. Haha funny on July 08, at WTF on July 08, at I am looking for a Sincere Girl Friend i am interested in merrage as soon. Fraz Khan on July 09, at I have tried to confirm this research, however none of the things said on this page seem to be true.

Please correc t me if i am wrong. Dont just believe things but try to research the truth always! It is our dutty as muslims to seek knowledge and the truth! Ali on July 14, at DUB on July 14, at Renata on July 15, at I don't like telling people my name on July 18, at D,Ramesh babu on July 26, at Piumal Pathirana on August 06, at Le soir, Darcy vient déposer une lettre. Elle le voit approcher, mais reste silencieuse.

Dans cette lettre lue d'abord en voix off tandis qu'on le voit s'avancer [ 8 ] , il reconnaît s'être trompé à propos des sentiments de Jane puis explique pourquoi il méprise Wickham: Jane et Elizabeth sont revenues à Longbourn.

Lydia, la benjamine, vient de se voir proposer par la femme du colonel Forster un séjour à Brighton , où le régiment prend ses quartiers d'été, et elle est surexcitée à l'idée de pouvoir faire prochainement la connaissance d'une quantité de soldats, de s'amuser et, pourquoi pas, se trouver un époux alors qu'elle n'a que quinze ans.

Mais Mr Bennet, refusant de l'écouter, autorise le voyage, confiant dans la surveillance des Forster. Lydia partie, les Gardiner, en visite dans la famille, proposent à Elizabeth de les accompagner dans leur voyage estival à travers le Derbyshire.

Elle accepte, imaginant que cela lui fera du bien, et est émerveillée par les beautés naturelles de la région [ 9 ]. Lors d'une étape, Mrs Gardiner lui annonce que, comme ils se trouvent non loin de Pemberley , ils envisagent de visiter la somptueuse résidence de Mr Darcy, puisqu'elle est ouverte au public. Sa tante se moque d'elle, la trouvant bien snob de reprocher au pauvre Mr Darcy sa richesse [ 10 ] , ajoutant que, les riches propriétaires séjournant rarement dans leur domaine, on ne risque pas de le croiser.

Elizabeth accepte donc de visiter Pemberley, découvrant une demeure tellement somptueuse et immense qu'elle ne peut s'empêcher d'éclater de rire, non de dérision mais d'incrédulité [ 11 ] , se souvenant qu'il lui a été proposé d'en devenir la maitresse.

Elle la suit ensuite dans la Galerie des sculptures [ N 3 ] , remplie de statues de marbre, parmi lesquelles elle déambule lentement, frôlant leurs rondeurs de la main [ 10 ]. Elle s'arrête devant un buste de Darcy qu'elle contemple longuement et avec intensité, étonnée par les révélations de l'intendante. Plus tard, elle s'avance, seule encore, plus avant dans le château, l'air rêveur, de plus en plus troublée d'être dans cette demeure qui aurait pu devenir la sienne.

Entrant dans un salon luxueux, elle entend jouer du piano. Curieuse, elle entrouvre la porte d'où la musique semble provenir, et aperçoit dans un miroir le reflet de la pianiste, une mince jeune fille. Pendant qu'elle l'observe, elle voit Darcy, de dos, venir la surprendre, lui manifestant son affection avec beaucoup de spontanéité [ 9 ]. Elizabeth, surprise, gênée, consciente de son indiscrétion, lâche brutalement la poignée de la porte [ N 4 ].

Il se retourne, la voit se sauver, la rattrape sur une terrasse et se montre alors si courtois et amical qu'elle en est profondément troublée, et lui précise, avant de partir, à pied, qu'elle voyage avec son oncle et sa tante et qu'ils séjournent à l'auberge. Elizabeth, quittant sa chambre pour rejoindre son oncle et sa tante dans la salle à manger de l'auberge et, les trouvant en grande conversation avec Darcy, reste cachée jusqu'à son départ.

Lorsqu'elle les rejoint, ils lui disent combien ils sont sensibles à la délicatesse du jeune homme qui les a conviés à déjeuner à Pemberley dès le lendemain. Elizabeth y rencontre alors officiellement Georgiana, jeune fille élégante mais simple, qui lui manifeste une sympathie inattendue [ 9 ] et lui précise que son frère lui a beaucoup parlé d'elle. Darcy se montre particulièrement chaleureux, courtois et amical. Il les raccompagne à l'auberge, où une lettre de Jane attend Elizabeth.

Elle apprend avec horreur que Lydia s'est enfuie de Brighton avec Wickham, prétendant qu'ils allaient se marier [ 9 ] , et que Mr Bennet est parti pour Londres dans le but de les retrouver. La famille risque la déchéance si Wickham n'épouse pas Lydia. Darcy se reproche de ne pas avoir dévoilé les agissements de Wickham, puis prend congé.

Son oncle se propose de regagner ensuite Londres afin d'aider Mr Bennet dans ses recherches. Mr Bennet revient, puis arrive une lettre de son beau-frère annonçant que Lydia et Wickham ont été retrouvés: Cette nouvelle comble de joie Mrs Bennet, ravie que sa plus jeune fille soit déjà mariée.

Elizabeth ne comprend pas la réaction de sa mère et s'inquiète de ce qu'a dû débourser Mr Gardiner. Avant de partir pour le Nord, les Wickham reviennent à Longbourn. Mrs Bennet semble très fière de sa fille et crie sa joie sur tous les tons, ce qui agace Elizabeth, certaine que ce mariage n'est qu'un replâtrage de la bêtise de Lydia.

Au cours du repas, cette dernière laisse échapper que c'est Darcy qui les a trouvés et qu'il a lui-même arrangé le mariage. Jane est bouleversée par cette nouvelle, mais jure y être indifférente. Bingley et Darcy ne tardent pas à se rendre chez les Bennet qui se dépêchent de rendre le salon présentable.

S'ils se montrent contents de voir Bingley, ils restent réservés à l'égard de Darcy [ 13 ]. Elizabeth, cependant, se montre très courtoise, lui faisant comprendre qu'elle regrette de le voir repartir si vite.

En effet, il a annoncé qu'il devait s'en aller le lendemain. Les jeunes gens ayant assez brusquement pris congé, Elizabeth et Jane se retrouvent seules pour bavarder: Elizabeth, maintenant amoureuse elle aussi, lui avoue s'être trompée au sujet de Darcy. Dans le jardin, Bingley répète avec l'aide de Darcy une demande en mariage, puis, plus tard dans l'après-midi, revient seul chez les Bennet, sollicitant un entretien en tête-à-tête avec Jane.

Mrs Bennet, très énervée, oblige toutes ses autres filles à quitter le salon. Charles Bingley s'excuse alors auprès de Jane et demande sa main, ce que la jeune fille accepte à la grande joie de toute la famille, qui écoutait à la porte.

Elizabeth sort s'isoler sous un arbre tandis que Darcy s'éloigne dans les champs [ 13 ]. Mais, durant la nuit, on frappe violemment à la porte d'entrée. C'est Lady Catherine qui exige très impoliment de pouvoir s'entretenir de toute urgence avec Elizabeth, car elle a eu vent d'une rumeur: Mr Darcy et elle seraient fiancés.

Elizabeth le nie avec beaucoup de vivacité. Lady Catherine exige alors d'elle la promesse de jamais accepter d'épouser Darcy. Mais, repoussant avec dignité les réflexions méprisantes et les insinuations perfides de la noble dame, la jeune fille la met à la porte sans lui donner satisfaction [ 13 ].

Elizabeth ne retrouve pas le sommeil, se demandant si Darcy serait à l'origine de la rumeur. Au petit matin, elle sort marcher dans les prés [ N 5 ]. Elle voit au loin Mr Darcy surgir de la brume et se diriger vers leur maison et le rejoint. Plus tard, pendant qu'il s'entretient avec Mr Bennet, elle attend impatiemment devant la porte, puis, lors de son propre entretien avec son père, lui révèle le rôle de Darcy dans le mariage de Lydia.

Mr Bennet, stupéfait d'une telle nouvelle et d'une telle générosité, ne peut plus mettre en doute l'attachement d'Elizabeth pour Darcy et accepte donc de lui donner sa fille préférée [ 13 ] , lui glissant toutefois à l'oreille qu'il ne l'aurait jamais laissé partir avec un homme qui n'aurait pas été digne d'elle.

Observant, pendant ce temps, Darcy qui fait les cent pas dehors, les autres commentent avec surprise ce dénouement inattendu [ N 6 ]. Le producteur-adjoint, Paul Webster , a signalé la difficulté de trouver un acteur pour interpréter le personnage de Darcy et succéder à Colin Firth tant il a marqué le rôle [ N 7 ].

En ce qui concerne les relations entre les deux personnages principaux, l'attirance amoureuse de Darcy pour Elizabeth est amplifée. Le tournage s'est entièrement déroulé en Angleterre, au cours de l'été , dans les lieux suivants: Seule la séquence du bal de Meryton a été tournée en studio, car il est à peu près impossible de trouver encore des salles de bal de ce genre [ 18 ].

La musique du film, d'inspiration romantique on a évoqué Beethoven jeune et Chopin , a été composée par Dario Marianelli [ 19 ]. Au piano, Jean-Yves Thibaudet. Les 17 morceaux originaux ont pour titre [ 19 ]:. Le premier thème Dawn joué au début au piano est spécifique à Elizabeth. Repris à la fin, dans Mrs Darcy [ 19 ] , il est aussi joué par Elizabeth lorsque Lady Catherine lui demande de se mettre au piano à Rosings Park et par Georgiana la première fois qu'on l'entend jouer à Pemberley [ 21 ].

La musique d'ambiance, orchestrale, se marie adroitement avec une musique d'écran qui pastiche celle de l'époque, que ce soit pour les danses Meryton Townhall , Another Dance ou la musique militaire The Militia Marches In. Mrs Bennet fredonne Greensleeves à la fin. Orgueil et Préjugés de Joe Wright centre le récit sur Elizabeth , lui gardant son statut d'héroïne positive comme la littérature sait en offrir à l'admiration des jeunes lectrices.

Sa transposition au cinéma dans cette version, l'a, en apparence, bien moins changée que la version cinématographique de , se contentant de moderniser son langage et de lui donner un air résolument jeune, provoquant et sensuel, par le choix de Keira Knightley [ 22 ].

Celle-ci a l'âge du personnage mais déjà un statut de star et sa prestation a été particulièrement appréciée d'un public jeune. Mais ce qui était trop d'époque, comme la retenue ou l'aspect Conduct Novel , a été gommé. Ainsi, Elizabeth parle souvent à sa mère avec un manque de respect évident et incite Jane à attirer l'attention de Bingley [ 24 ]. Le film s'attache plus à montrer, dans une vision romantique, l'acceptation par Elizabeth de son attirance pour Darcy que les étapes de son évolution psychologique [ 22 ].

Le choix de vêtements sombres pour Elizabeth, verts ou brun foncé, souligne ses liens avec son père et avec la terre [ N 9 ]. Ses larges enjambées et sa démarche énergique sont l'expression de sa détermination et de sa rapidité de décision [ 24 ].

Cette version présente en Darcy un héros romantique à la Byron. Il a une stature imposante, soulignée par la prise de vue il masque les autres personnages, les chaises de Netherfield ont l'air un peu fragiles pour ses longues jambes , mais c'est un jeune homme plus timide qu'orgueilleux, moins snob que mal à l'aise en public: Écrasé par les responsabilités qui lui incombent depuis la mort de ses parents, il se trouve impuissant devant cet amour passionné et jaloux qui le subjugue corps et âme et le rend souvent muet [ 25 ].

Le personnage que joue Matthew Macfadyen a aussi beaucoup de mal à échapper à sa conception hiérarchisée, cloisonnée et rigide de la société [ 26 ]. Or il doit arriver à admettre une vision plus romantique de la vie pour être accepté par Elizabeth. Mais leur attirance réciproque est précoce: Cependant Darcy doit encore mûrir émotionnellement.

Son évolution psychologique est marquée par l'évolution de sa tenue vestimentaire qui devient progressivement moins raide et moins compassée au fur et à mesure que se déroule le récit [ 25 ]. Le thème des mains est récurrent tout au long du film et un symbolisme fort est attaché aux siennes, souligné par les gros-plans sur son poing qui se serre compulsivement après chaque rencontre avec Elizabeth [ 25 ].

Il se montre d'ailleurs brutal avec elle lorsqu'il la repousse dans la voiture, alors qu'elle fait des adieux à sa famille en quittant définitivement Longbourn. Ses conversations avec Elizabeth sont réduites à deux courtes scènes, une brève discussion dans une boutique à propos de rubans et une autre près de la rivière, ce qui lui suffit pour faire une mauvaise réputation à Darcy [ 22 ].

Mais si l'attirance qu'Elizabeth éprouve pour lui dans le roman est pratiquement supprimée, la forte présence physique de Rupert Friend a des connotations érotiques [ 25 ] , gardant à Wickham son rôle de pierre d'achoppement dans les relations amoureuses entre Darcy et Elizabeth.

C'est visible à Netherfield, au cours du bal, quand Elizabeth accuse Darcy de l'avoir indignement traité, et surtout pendant la scène de la première demande en mariage où il a une véritable réaction de jalousie lorsqu'elle évoque Wickham, ce qui crée entre eux cette forte tension érotique qui débouche sur un presque baiser. Si Elizabeth a un tempérament volontaire et un petit côté intellectuel qui peuvent rappeler Jo March , la puinée et héroïne de Little Women écrit en par la romancière américaine Louisa May Alcott , sa mère est présentée comme une femme plutôt raisonnable, quoique vulgaire, sous ses airs évaporés.

C'est elle qui maintient la cohérence de la cellule familiale, alors que le père, enfermé dans son étude, est trop absent [ 3 ]. Brenda Blethyn joue en effet une vraie mère poule [ 23 ] , inquiète pour l'avenir de sa progéniture, non la femme sotte et égoïste du roman, que son mari prend plaisir à ridiculiser.

D'ailleurs, les Bennet forment une famille unie et le scénario ne confère pas aux Gardiner le rôle de parents de substitution qu'ils ont dans le roman [ 3 ]. Le Mr Bennet que campe Donald Sutherland , loin d'être un père négligent , montre de l'intérêt pour toutes ses filles, pas seulement pour Elizabeth: Dans le roman, c'est à Jane elle-même que Mr Bennet fait, avec un peu d'ironie, ses remarques, sa mère ne parlant que d'argent et de bien-être matériel [ 3 ]. En revanche, Bingley et Collins sont tous deux utilisés dans un but volontairement divertissant.

Bingley, joué par Simon Woods est un personnage assez comique, et Tom Hollander campe un Collins aux manières vieillottes plutôt ridicules, mais n'est pas présenté de façon aussi satirique que dans le roman [ 23 ]. Le film respecte bien les différences de statut entre les diverses habitations, de Longbourn à Pemberley, même si le lieu choisi pour représenter Longbourn, Groombridge Place , peut paraître un peu trop délabré pour être la demeure d'un gentleman [ 27 ].

Comme dans La Belle et la Bête de Jean Cocteau , l'aspect négligé de l'antique habitation souligne que les occupants sont une vieille famille dont la situation sociale se dégrade lentement et qui n'est pas loin de la ruine.

C'est aussi une maison un peu encombrée et pleine de vie, ce dont témoignent les rapides panoramiques et zooms fréquents sur les mouvements des divers membres de la famille [ 27 ]. Deborah Moggach , revenant sur l'écriture du scénario [ 28 ] rappelle la volonté de Joe Wright de donner cette impression de vie: Mais la vue d'ensemble de la maison, encadrée par deux grands arbres à l'intersection d'un large chemin de terre, ainsi que les activités de Mr Bennet qui aime les plantes et cultive des orchidées suggère la demeure d'une famille qui a domestiqué son environnement pour le rendre productif [ 24 ].

Les vastes pièces lumineuses et peu meublées de Netherfield en revanche sont plus intimidantes [ 28 ].

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